DP World London Gateway
Our World, Our Future

Who are we?

On the doorstep of London and the UK's largest consumer market, with unrivalled deep-water access, road and rail links to the whole of the UK,  DP World London Gateway is a state-of-the-art, highly automated deep-sea container port on the same site as one of Europe's largest logistics parks.

This combination of deep-sea port and logistics park offers a port-centric solution in the best location. With unrivalled facilities, tri-modal connectivity, unmatched safety, speed and reliability - closer to consumers - DP World London Gateway is helping the shippers of today.

It is streamlining their supply chains, increasing visibility as their goods enter and leave the country and - most significantly - helping them grow their business.

In short, London Gateway provides the most efficient link between deep-sea shipping and the largest consumer markets in the UK - accelerating UK growth, now.

Why London Gateway?


DP World London Gateway plays a significant role in the community. As a world-class business integral to the supply chain of our customers, we act with integrity in the development of solutions for our customers and partners, to contribute to a sustainable future.

At London Gateway we work in a dynamic & innovative environment where we are very conscious of making informed decisions. Our World, Our Future sustainability programme is embedded in our business processes demonstrating clear leadership in responsible business. Our aim is to make a positive impact in society for current and future generations which we manage and monitor based on 4 key commitments
Chris Lewis UK MD, DP World

We are investing in the long term in our business around the world, driving best practice, investing in innovation and measuring our progress, always seeking to do more. We focus on four commitments to:

Minimise impacts on your environment

  • Responsible use of natural resources 
  • Preventing pollution 
  • Taking an industry leading position on environmental policy and practice

Invest in our people

  • Actively encouraging diversity and inclusion 
  • Developing talent and creating personal development opportunities for everyone 
  • Listening to our employees and delivering on our employment promise

Ensure the safety of our people

  • Meeting and exceeding best safety policy and practice 
  • Identifying and controlling health and safety risks 
  • Supplying, providing and maintaining safe equipment

Build a vibrant, secure and resilient society

  • Building social infrastructure 
  • Strategic community investment 
  • Strategically partnering with organisations on issues of importance to the industry

In 2016 more than 100 employees volunteered in the community

We look for ways to innovate and improve across all of our commitments. We are dedicated to sharing what we do with our customers, suppliers and partners to encourage sustainable practice.

Find out if your cause could be eligible for support from DP World London Gateway, by using our grant management request system. Click here.

The cause for which you're seeking support must score highly in the areas above, where DP World London Gateway is looking to make a significant difference

DP World in the UK

DP World is one of the world’s largest port and marine terminal operators, with a portfolio of more than 65 terminals across six continents and a series of major expansion and development projects in India, Africa, China, Europe, South America and the Middle East.

London Gateway has been modelled on DP World’s flagship Jebel Ali facility in Dubai, which has been voted ‘Best Seaport in the Middle East’ for 19 consecutive years.

DP World draws from the experience of its 30,000 strong team, to provide a world-class service. The company handled more than 56 million TEU at its facilities in 2012; its total capacity is expected to rise to more than 100 million TEU as its key developments and expansions take shape.

Meet the team

Meet the DP World London Gateway senior management team. Its members bring extensive experience from across the construction, shipping and logistics industries. But there’s something else that makes our team truly unique – it’s a very special blend of enthusiasm, innovation and confidence to challenge the status quo.

DP World London Gateway and the environment

DP World London Gateway has embarked on one of Europe's largest ever environment and ecology projects