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Where’s the best place to locate warehousing, distribution and added value activities? Where the cargo comes in, of course!

DP World London Gateway Logistics Park offers importers an exciting opportunity to tighten up their supply chain solutions, cutting costs, time and carbon by locating closer to major population centres.

9 million square foot of warehousing space

On the doorstep of Europe’s largest biggest consumer market, DP World London Gateway Logistics Park also offers excellent connections, with easy access to the UK’s national road and rail network – hence providing the ideal location for efficient, streamlined distribution centre operations.

Forget the complexities of building on other sites. We’ve made it easy to choose DP World London Gateway for your distribution centre. Planning permissions are already in place for building sheds of up to 42 metres external height and in excess of 1 million square feet. Management and service regimes on the park will be taken care of and environmental conditions have already been met.

Best Location

Studies have shown that there is increasing demand for storage, distribution and logistics units in the South East, while supply is diminishing. DP World London Gateway logistics park offers 9 million square feet of warehousing and distribution space, providing the ultimate portcentric opportunity in the best location.

Among the very considerable benefits of the DP World London Gateway logistics park, geography is a clear winner.

First, the logistics park is unique in being adjacent and directly linked to the UK’s new deepwater container port.

Second, by operating from a distribution centre at DP World London Gateway, one truck could make up to three round trips to London’s West End in one day, absolutely maximising the use of a haulage operator’s fleet.

Third, is the perfect match between distribution centre and population centres. London Gateway is the largest logistics park in Europe and it is located within 80 kilometres of more than 15 million people.

Many of today’s supply chain models are based on a round trip that is far from cost-effective. Shippers transport goods hundreds of miles to Britain’s so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ in the Midlands area, only to distribute a high level of those goods back to the South East. By choosing DP World London Gateway and distributing directly from the South East, shippers can save time and money, and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

By locating closer to consumers, companies can also dramatically reduce lead times from the point of import to the shop shelf, allowing them to streamline their supply chain.

Low Risk

London Gateway logistics park offers a low-risk option for shippers, whether they are major retailers requiring a significant distribution centre, or SMEs looking for an ‘incubator opportunity’ to build up operations from a smaller start.

The majority of buildings on the logistics park may be developed on a pre-let basis, designed to suit customers’ specific requirements. And alongside the opportunity to develop build-to-suit self-contained distribution facilities, common-user and smaller units will be developed, to ensure that a range of logistics and service companies can operate at London Gateway, even if their operation may not warrant a larger standalone facility.

A purpose-built Common User Facility will enable all shippers to take advantage of the portcentric opportunities and supply chain savings on offer at London Gateway for the entire UK market. With no upfront cost and space available to rent, the CUF will include cross-docking, storage, distribution and multi-user ‘pay as you go’ services, with the benefits of shared labour, warehousing and materials handling equipment.

The location for London Gateway is excellent – situated closer to the point of consumption than existing deepsea port infrastructure in the UK, it offers substantial reductions in supply chain costs and very significant environmental benefits as hundreds of thousands of containers every year will no longer have to be transported hundreds of miles inland to distribution centres.

DP World London Gateway Logistics Centre

The DP World London Gateway Logistics Centre is a purpose-built multi-user facility on DP World London Gateway logistics park, operated by Import Services Limited, ensuring that all shippers, whether leading retailers or SMEs, can take advantage of the portcentric, marketcentric opportunities and supply chain savings on offer.

Fully integrated with the new deep-sea container port, the multipurpose specialist cargo handling centre enables occupiers to share warehousing and transportation, labour and materials handling equipment. Operating 24/7, it includes cross-docking, storage, distribution and multi-user ‘pay-as-you-go’ services.

A good example of DP World London Gateway’s innovative approach and its role as an enabler of supply chain optimisation, the Logistics Centre is highly attractive proposition for SMEs that do not need a large, standalone distribution centre of their own. However, it will also be valuable for larger businesses looking for supplementary capacity or an ‘incubator opportunity’ where they can build up volumes from an initial small start.

For example, the Logistics Centre allows businesses with existing commitments and infrastructure to add DP World London Gateway to their distribution networks as a strategic devanning and collection point, bringing a new agility and flexibility to their supply chains.

Insight Days

Why not find out how DP World London Gateway can streamline your supply chain?

Join one of our free commercial insight days and see the future of logistics now!

Our commercial insight days are held on the last Thursday of every month.

They start at 10am and conclude at around 1.30pm, after lunch. The morning begins with a presentation, followed by an hour-long tour of the port terminal and logistics park.

Organisations interested in attending should click here and provide the following information:

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A member of our team will reply as soon as possible with available dates and further information.

Park Benefits

  • On the doorstep of Europe’s biggest consumer market

  • Best location

  • Excellent connections to entire UK market

  • Easy access to road and rail networks

  • DP World London Gateway Logistics Centre with ‘pay as you go’ service

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From an SME point of view, we’re delighted that London Gateway is offering the same benefits to companies like ours as it is to bigger players. We’ve been very impressed by our tour of the facilities and we’re also particularly interested in the possibilities offered by the Common User Facility.
Andy Mead Managing Director, The Finishing Line