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We accelerate growth through our market-leading container port and logistics hub - the most advanced, connected and integrated in the UK...

DP World London Gateway Port is bringing the biggest ships of the day back to London and closer to one of the largest consumer markets in Western Europe.

Moreover, it is loading and unloading those vessels in safer, more efficient and more reliable ways than ever before. This is the UK's most advanced, best located deep-sea port, accelerating UK trade.

The port provides excellent accessibility, with the UK’s best tidal access; road connections to the North, South, East and West via an eight-lane highway; and the UK’s largest port rail terminal with hi-cube access to the country’s major rail hubs.

State-of-the-art technology means DP World London Gateway Port has a superior weather resilience record when compared with other deep-water ports and our automated stacking cranes provide market-leading turnaround times for maximum efficiency

Two highly productive deep-water berths are both able to handle the largest container vessels - and will still be able to take vessels as they get even bigger.

A third berth opens in the second half of 2016 - enhancing the port's ability and capacity.

And with multiple A-road options, whether inbound or outbound to DP World London Gateway, there's resilience to keep your supply chain moving.


We accelerate growth for UK businesses through our market-leading container port and logistics hub - the most advanced, connected and integrated in the country.

The port uses the latest technology to ensure the most efficient, most reliable and safest service:

Quay cranes among the largest in the world, able to service the biggest container ships in the world

More deep-water quay length than any other UK port:

All of our berths can handle vessels of any size, meaning we can facilitate vessels on any trade at any time

Automated truck handling and container management:

Ensures fast turnaround times for trucks and a superior weather record: technology makes DP World London Gateway more reliable

Dual track rail services:

DP World London Gateway's world class rail terminal is directly connected to the UK network. Less than 1% of boxes are missed at our 750m long, future-proof rail terminal: more reliability and room to grow. 

Fast container moves from port to Logistics Park:

An integrated logistics hub, speeding up supply chains and making them more reliable

The best location:

45 minutes delivery time to London markets, multi A-road options to major highways.

Where's My Container?

More visibility with real time cargo tracking...

DP World London Gateway is offering greater transparency to assist shippers with managing their supply chains.

'Where's My Container?' is a new application designed for port users and customers. It gives the ability to track the status of containers in real time and is aimed at assisting customers with managing their supply chain. Customers will be able to view containers arriving or departing the terminal by ship, rail or road and view the status of containers whilst at DP World London Gateway Port.

The application is still in beta mode, giving you the chance to feedback on how it works for you – please give us your thoughts and suggestions by using the feedback form which is below the container number search field.

Click here to try the application now

Check the latest status of the vessel carrying your cargo - be it train or ship and book a vehicle.

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Port Access Times

DP World London Gateway Port opening hours:

Sunday 06.00 – 14.00

Sunday 18.00 – Saturday 18.00


14/4 - Friday - Bank Holiday – Open as normal

15/4 - Saturday – 18.00 – Gate Closes

16/4 - Sunday – Easter Sunday – 18.00 Gate Opens for week including bank holiday Monday


Saturday – 18.00 Gate Closes

Sunday – 18.00 Gate Opens for week including bank holiday Monday

Container Weighing

DP World in the UK is leading the weigh...

Visit our dedicated site by clicking here to learn more about the solutions we have in place, ready for the introduction of the SOLAS container weighing legislation from July 1.

  • It's the UK’s quickest fully integrated container weighing solution: 
  • No delay to your supplu chain
  • No change for hauliers
  • Same seamless operation for rail
  • Highly accurate and compliant weight verification

Where's My Container

Clear, concise, real time tracking of your cargo as it passes through DP World London Gateway Port.

Schedules and vehicle booking

Book the drop off/collection of your container and check the very latest vessel and rail schedules

Port Benefits

  • Truck turnaround times of less than 40 minutes

  • Minimal delays to operations due to bad weather

  • Short vessel turnaround times - achieving more than 30 berth moves per hour on Asia-Europe services

  • Deep water, easy access - and more of it

  • Closest to Europe’s largest consumer market

Where's My Container

Track your cargo through the terminal

Vessel/rail schedules

Latest ship & rail schedules

Book a vehicle

Collect or drop off a container

Reimagine logistics

Pay us a visit and see how a state-of-the-art deep-sea container terminal on the doorstep of your consumers could benefit your business