DP World London Gateway
Accelerating UK trade


We accelerate growth for retailers through our market-leading container port and logistics hub - the most advanced, connected and integrated in the UK. 

Our partnership approach and integrated port-side logistics provide cargo owners with a more resilient, efficient and speedier supply chain, driving sales while reducing risk and costs.

The biggest retail brands choose our superior resilience record to support key sales cycles and promotions. We also handle high volumes of time-sensitive perishable imports due to our unbeatable ship-to-shop times. Our logistics park is the largest in Europe offering unrivalled operational scalability for the future. DP World is leading the future of global trade with a marine and logistics network spanning six continents.

A welcome from the CEO:

"Without doubt, the evolution of the project to date has been phenomenal, ensuring a seamless flow of goods to consumers and distribution centres. 

"But just as importantly, we now have demonstrable data points that prove this port is faster, safer, more reliable and considerably more resilient in poor weather. It represents total market advantage. We will continue working with our customers and users of the port and park, providing real-world solutions not just tired-old rhetoric. 

"For example, in the UK, DP World’s solution to the challenge of container weighing is globally market leading. We’ll provide greater visibility to users with continued innovation, our new Where’s My Container application being a prime example. And of course we will continue to provide the very best in customer service. Which is at the heart of everything we do. 

"We’re here to accelerate trade and help UK businesses to grow. The ability of our team and facility to do this is unquestionable." 

Chris Lewis, CEO, DP World London Gateway


Most advanced means most resilient...

Unbeatable weather record.

DP World London Gateway Port has a superior weather resilience record when compared with other deep-water ports.

Come wind, rain or shine, we're open 98% of the time - landside and shipside. Don't let weather disrupt your product flow.

Automated truck handling: faster turnarounds, more weather resilient

Our automated stacking cranes provide market-leading turnaround times for maximum efficiency

And this technology is safer and more secure. Wind doesn't mean we close to trucks. Collect or drop off containers even when it's blowing a gale.

We have big berths - and they can all handle the biggest vessels

We have two highly productive deep-water berths all able to handle the largest container vessels - and we'll still be able to take the vessels when they get even bigger.

A third berth opens in the second half of 2016 so we can handle more.

Routes to resilience: multiple A-roads ensure you have options

Inbound or outbound to DP World London Gateway, there's several dual-carriageway route options from the region's major motorways.

Smarter services

Our smarter services help drive productivity...

Smarter, on-site de-stuffing means smarter distribution, sooner.

With one of the country's largest logistics parks on the same estate as the UK's most advanced deep-sea port, we're smartly positioned to support online retail demands and accelerate in-store merchandising times.

Smarter transparency.

We offer greater transparency. Our new  Where's My Container application facilitates real-time tracking of cargo in a simple-to-use, clear and concise way, helping to optimise supply chain operations.

Grow smarter, faster and with flexibility.

With 9million sq. ft. of logistics hub development space, we have unrivalled ability to help you grow. And grow fast. Secure planning permission for a new facility on our Logistics Park in under 28-days thanks to a Local Development Order.

Smarter management.

Integrated management services for the port and logistics park mean help is at hand with your supply chain.

Unbeatable UK coverage

The best connectivity to the best location...

Prime location offers significant distribution cost savings.

DP World London Gateway is in the best location - closer to 70% of the UK consumer market than any other deep-sea port. That means your goods land closer to more of the people who are buying them. And with the London population only forecast to grow, now is the time to ensure your supply chain is passing through a logistics hub located closer to consumers.

Smart distribution location for UK & European markets.

And this isn't just a smart location for onward distribution in the UK. With short-sea services close by and quick access to the Euro Tunnel railway the UK has never been a better option for distribution to the continent.

Deliver to London in under 45 minutes.

Retail delivery time into London is 45 minutes, twice as fast as DP World London Gateway's nearest rival handling the world’s largest ships. Reduce the CO2 footprint and reduce your ship-to-shop times.

UPS moved fast. You could be next.

DP World London Gateway is the chosen site for UPS’s new UK & European distribution hub, providing additional retail services. This is the largest infrastructure investment by UPS outside of the USA, ever. 

Read more about UPS developing its new distribution and sorting hub

Dual track rail services directly connected to UK rail network.

Future-proofed rail connectivity, directly connected to the UK network. That's Barry, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Daventry and many more...

Be on the M25 in 10 minutes and the M1 in 45 minutes.

Major roads are just minutes away - and with works to upgrade major junctions nearing completion, getting in and out of London Gateway is seamless.

High volumes of time-sensitive perishables handled due to unbeatable ship-to-shop times.

We're tried and trusted by major retailers because we can facilitate getting their high-value, perishable goods into stores sooner.

Global Reach

Unrivalled global network and reach...

Plug into a global conveyor belt.

Teaming up with DP World means you'll plug into an extensive logistics network of 77 terminals across six continents with a significant presence in both high-growth and mature markets.

Reimagine logistics

Pay us a visit, meet our experts and see how a state-of-the-art deep-sea container terminal on the doorstep of your consumers could benefit your business

The weight for a solution is over

DP World in the UK is leading the weigh when it comes to the imminent introduction of the SOLAS container weighing legislation. Visit our dedicated website to learn more on our easy, seamless solution.