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DP World London Gateway offers a huge variety of exciting career opportunities within its team skilled in IT, electrical/mechanical engineering, administration, finance, apprenticeships, HC, health & safety and terminal operations – among others.

DP World London Gateway has been carefully designed and built to deliver the very best service for our customer and it is the team that will really deliver this world-class service.

There is a one-team ethos at DP World London Gateway, where team members are encouraged to learn and develop their career, in an open environment where feedback is welcome.

                                              To view our latest vacancies please click here.

For us, the right people are those with enthusiasm, a desire to learn new skills and a determination to deliver the very best service.

"We're seeking to recruit enthusiastic people who are keen to develop their skills and contribute to operating Britain’s new, state-of-the-art, deepwater port and its Logistics Park development team."

Victoria Tobin, Head of Human Capital, DP World London Gateway


DP World London Gateway is a 'Disability Confident' company, please see below our certificate:

Download DP World London Gateway Disability Confident certificate (PDF)


Positions at DP World London Gateway don't always require previous experience in the ports industry – but an enthusiastic attitude and a good level of numeracy and literacy is a starting point for a career with London Gateway. 

Benefits of working at London Gateway include:

  • A workplace where Health & Safety always come first
  • Comprehensive and ongoing training for all employees
  • Salary Sacrifice benefits scheme to suit you and your lifestyle including:
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Cycle-to-work scheme
  • Green car scheme
  • Gourmet card / taste card
  • Travel insurance
  • Gym membership
  • Will writing
  • Health cash plan
  • Dental insurance
  • Critical illness insurance, and many more
  • Canteen serving a variety of healthy and wholesome food at a great price
  • Commitment to the local community
  • A pension
  • Free gym
  • Social team organised activities


Gender pay gap report:

At DP World London Gateway we fully support the UK government's initiative to increase the transparency of pay by having companies publish their gender pay gap. We ensure diversity and inclusion is embedded within our culture so our employees are treated fairly and equally throughout their time working at DP World London Gateway. We are committed to equal pay for equal work which has been reflected in our gender hourly pay gap results. We acknowledge that our gender bonus pay gap is greater than we would like and recognise that we have to work harder to attract, recruit and retain senior professional women into our traditionally male dominated industry. We will continue to address this through our talent development and succession planning. 

Dowload the report below for more information:

Download DP World London Gateway Gender pay gap report 2017 (PDF)


Download DP World London Gateway Gender pay gap report 2018 (PDF)


DP Word London Gateway offers numerous different apprenticeship programmes, these include Engineering, I.T and Business Administration.

Our apprenticeships enable young people to learn new skills whilst on the job. Each apprenticeship programme is different and requires different skills to be learnt,

To find out which apprenticeships are available view our most recent vacancies here.

Engineering Apprenticeships:

The DP World London Gateway engineering apprenticeship scheme is a four year programme, which will cover mechanical or electrical training. The main purpose of the role is - through study, work experience, coaching, training and development (both practical and vocational) - to complete the DP World London Gateway Engineering Apprenticeship and obtain work related professional qualifications, ensuring the Apprentice is able to carry out a role within engineering competently and effectively.


For further information on our engineering apprenticeships download our link below:

Download DP World London Gateway Business Engineering Apprencticeship (PDF)


Charlie Crudgington, Engineering Apprentice - DP World London gateway is an exciting project that I was eager to get involved in from the start. Completing an apprenticeship here will give me valuable skills and an opportunity to have a successful career in engineering.







Rachel Conquest, Welding / Fabrication Apprentice - I Joined London Gateway as an apprentice because I knew gaining experience under as big a company as DP World would give me a head start in an engineering workplace and give me all the skills I could need to make a career for myself. I love that there’s always something to do and always an opportunity to improve my skills







Donovan Wolmarans, Engineering Apprentice - I chose to do an apprenticeship in engineering because I felt It would best fulfil my potential in a hands on environment compared to being in an office based environment. Also I thought it is more beneficial to be able to earn whilst I learned the skills required to become an technician.








Administration Apprenticeships:

The DP World London Gateway Administration Apprenticeship scheme is a two year programme. The main purpose of the role is through studying, work experience, coaching, training and development (both practical and vocational) complete the DP World London Gateway Business Administration Apprenticeship and to obtain work related professional qualifications ensuring you are able to carry out a role within Business Administration competently and effectively.


For further information on our business administration apprenticeships download our link below:

Download DP World London Gateway Business Administration Apprencticeship (PDF)



Liv Jex, Business Administration Apprentice - I chose an apprenticeship because I wanted to learn more and gain hands on experience, I think learning while working in a business environment will give me an advantage when I want to progress with my career.  I am also able to learn from lots of different people with different skills and experience.








Jasmine Marshall, Business Administration Apprentice - I started an apprenticeship at DP World London Gateway because it is a new and exciting project that helps me gain experience and learn on the job each day. By completing this apprenticeship, I will be very experienced and be full of new skills.









Emily Bickford, Gate Services Coordinator & Eva Hayward, Procurement Assistant

Eva Hayward - I chose an apprenticeship to start my career to gain qualifications as well as gain experience. I feel like this was the best choice for me as I am a more hands on learner. I was able to gain experience whilst learn skills that helped me pass my exams to eventually achieve a Level 3 diploma in Business Administration. DP World has not only helped me start off my career but has helped me gain experience in various departments. My journey began working in the Facilities Department as a Business Administrator Apprentice but also managing the Facilities Engineers on their day to day operations. I worked in facilities for 18 months and then found an opportunity to move to into the Finance department. I have now finished my 2 year apprenticeship and have a permanent role as a Procurement Assistant within the Finance Team. 

Emily Bickford - I started an apprenticeship to gain qualifications whilst in the career path that I wanted. Doing this helped me a lot more as I wasn't in a classroom reading about it, I was physically doing the job. I started in Facilities Management on reception doing Business Administration for two years, and this had helped kick start my career. Although it has now ended and I am no longer in the Facilities team or in administration, I have managed to progress to the Operations department dealing with the container operating systems, I still have the qualifications and can always go back if I wished. This is a good opportunity to take and would definitely recommend to anyone.


Interested in joining a dynamic, growing and capable team?

DP World London Gateway is continuing to create a diverse workforce with opportunities for all people interested in the Port industry, working in a fast paced environment with some of the newest technology. Check out the port's latest vacancies by clicking here.

Opportunities on the Logistics Park are offered by DP World London Gateway's tenants or those developing facilities on the Park.


DP World London Gateway has several different engineers working on site, see below their profiles.

Name: Ashleigh Burgess

Job Title: Engineering Apprentice

I Joined London Gateway because I wanted to undertake an Apprenticeship in fast paced environment with a range of technologically advanced equipment.

No day is ever the same my role is so varied and at times very challenging which I really enjoy. I work in a small team which is great for support and for sharing ideas. Everyone at London Gateway is friendly and keen to help so it doesn't take long to settle in.

My current role as an engineering apprentice my time is split between work and college so I am constantly learning new skills and putting my knowledge into practice. It is up to the engineering team to ensure all equipment is functioning properly and safely, this means we attend breakdowns and fix the equipment as soon as we can.

Before starting my apprenticeship I completed A levels and worked in admin position, I soon realised I wanted to gain further skills and work in a more hand on role. I have nearly completed my HNC and hope to soon be a qualified technician. 

Name: Maria Clara Ferreira

Job Title: Civil Engineer

I Joined London Gateway because it was a unique opportunity to become part of a massive new project. Most of the Ports on the Development Countries are already built and operating even though they do expand and renovate their facilities overtime, so I found myself very lucky for being able to join a Port that was just starting, and that was being built from scratch, with all the latest technology.

Working for London Gateway is very rewarding. The Employees come from all over the globe, so everyone feels welcomed in the company and in their teams. Different origins, different languages, different ages all pulling together to a common goal. At London gateway people are valued and there is a big focus on keeping learning to improve and expand existing skills or to gain new ones. There are lots of opportunities to move up or to a different department.

Because everything is new, we have all the modern facilities at our disposal. We have a free Gym that we can use whenever we want. One of the things that I appreciate about London Gateway and DP World in general is the commitment to the Local Communities with projects aiming to improve the well being of the people that have become our close neighbours. Among the actions to improve the community there are lots of voluntary opportunities to get involved. Also the fact that Safety is taken very seriously makes me fell safe on the workplace.

Even though the Port was built from scratch, London Gateway goes to great lengths to ensure the impact on the environment is mitigated properly, even if it means the construction sometimes has to stop for a while so that some newts can be relocated to a new place, or even create new habitats for the birds and other wildlife, that use the Thames as their nesting grounds and sanctuary, raising awareness and creating the possibility for people to see and know more about them.

My current role, as a Civil Engineer allows me to be directly involved with the construction of the Port. Things like, roads, rail, drainage or buildings. But also very important is to keep everything running smoothly so I have to keep an eye out for anything that might be damaged or not in good order, and that could impact operations. My biggest challenge, at the moment, is precisely being able to do my work in a way that the impact on the Port's ability to deliver containers to the customers is reduced to a minimal. It requires a lot of negotiation and most times innovative thinking on the way things are done so the work can progress while business continues as usual.

I have graduated as a Civil Engineer, in Portugal, my origin country, where I have started working for a Port Authority in 1996. Even though I have stayed in the same company for 16 years I was very lucky because I was able to be Involved in wide array of projects with lots different disciplines.

I do love to work in the Port environment and after short stay in New Zealand were I took the opportunity to further my education, I joined London Gateway in 2014 until the present.

Name: Lucy Golding

Job Title: Maintenance and Reliability Planner

I Joined London Gateway because it presented an exciting opportunity, with room for personal development. I had just moved back to my hometown of Old Corringham, and noticed the campaign drive in the local newspapers for female Terminal Operatives, it seemed like an exciting opportunity - so I applied and began my career at London Gateway.

I have been with London Gateway for 2.5 years, and in this time I have held two different positions, and also a third I was seconded to. The room for personal development is enormous, and if there is a particular role you want to explore further there is opportunity to do so.

My current role as a Maintenance and Reliability Planner is to ensure all maintenance tasks and statutory inspections, on port equipment, are planned and completed in accordance with the maintenance schedules. I regularly liaise with Asset Managers to ensure that the Preventive Maintenance Program meets manufacturers’ recommendations and update the data if necessary. I Continually monitor the performance of all assets and resources in order to find/propose ways of continuous improvement.

Prior to joining the engineering team, I worked in Operations as a Terminal Operative and Gate Service Co-ordinator. As a Terminal Operative I drove pieces of machinery to move containers through the port. As a Gate Service Co-ordinator I oversaw the truck booking system. Prior to joining London Gateway, I was studying at The Universiteit van Amsterdam for my Master’s degree in History. Despite having an educational background in history, and experience in container shipping operations, I have been given the opportunity to further develop at London Gateway in this Engineering role. 

Name: Rachel Conquest

Job Title: Fabrication/welding apprentice

I Joined London Gateway because it’s local to where I live and I knew working there would be a good opportunity to get a feel for the engineering workplace along with giving me the skills and experience to make a career for myself.

What is it like to work for London Gateway? To start with it was strange adjusting to a primarily male working environment. However everyone who works here is luckily very welcoming which helped me come out of my shell and really settle into the job. I still have a long way to go before I’m qualified but I feel that with DP world I will be offered opportunities I wouldn’t get anywhere else and for that I consider myself very lucky to work here.

My current role is a welding/fabrication apprentice. I’m the first apprentice of this type to be employed by London Gateway and because of that I feel there’s pressure to pave the way for any future apprentices in this area. Currently I use my skills with MIG, ARC and TIG welding equipment as well as oxyacetylene heating/cutting to fabricate structures for use around the port. This allows me to do jobs all over the port whether it’s making a one off part in the workshop for one of the engineers to use, to fixing a fracture at the top of one of the quay cranes. The role is perfect for me as it allows me to use my design/math background in a practical way and constantly challenges me to improve my skills as there is always a new job to do.

My career history is very short. Before working at DP world I only worked a series of retail based jobs in the area to provide a small income while at college, however I knew I never wanted a career in the area. Now I work here I’m lucky to have a bright future ahead of me doing something I enjoy. (and never have to bag anyone’s shopping again)


To view our latest vacancies please click here.