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A week of Go Green! by Rachael Jones, Environment Manager, DP World London Gateway

22 May 2017

Every year, major port operators around the world join forces for 'Go Green'. Rachael Jones, Environment Manager at DP World London Gateway, explains more about the week and what DP World London Gateway has been up to.


Volunteers building the platform and fencing at Stanford Wharf Nature Reserve

By Rachael Jones, Environment Manager, DP World London Gateway

DP World London Gateway Port and Logistics Park occupies a large site on the River Thames and places a big emphasis on the environment and sustainability; safety and environment are top of the agenda in our everyday operations.

Go Green week is a collaborative initiative between the largest port terminal operators in the world and allows us to focus our efforts on raising awareness and engaging with the community about the environment and sustainability work we do. During this week, team members from across the Port and Logistics Park’s operations get involved in a number of initiatives and activities and this year, we have focused on environment and community.

From Monday, September 12 to Friday, September 16, members of our team are visiting two local schools to deliver Go Green education modules to the next generation – which ties in with DP World’s Global Education programme.

Pupils at Hathaway Academy in Grays and Hassenbrook Academy in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex took part in our modules, which got them thinking about how they might run a port sustainably and with careful consideration for protecting the environment and community.

A beautiful sunrise started the Go Green week off on Monday

We also visited St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Stanford-le-Hope to talk with students about the ecology around our site and the environmental monitoring and habitat creation work that is carried out to manage our environmental impacts.

On Monday, we had a team of volunteers working at the Stanford Wharf Nature Reserve, 67 acres of inter-tidal mudflat. This was constructed by DP World London Gateway as part of the port development to provide new habitat for wading birds and which also provides habitat for fish.

Our team worked with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), who manage the reserve with DP World London Gateway, to build a viewing platform and fence off spits that will protect nesting birds and birds that use the habitat during the winter season. Working with the RSPB, we will also be installing information boards which will enable visiting members of the local community to identify wildlife which frequent the reserve and provide information about the importance of the site.

Although Go Green week sees us a focus on specific activities, we work throughout the year on other initiatives that are in line with our Sustainability Strategy and objectives.

Last week, all 450 members of the DP World London Gateway team were issued with their own stainless steel travel mugs, to cut down on the vast number of paper and plastic cups being used for tea, coffee and water, and disposed of . We’re confident that this will reduce the amount of waste we produce in this area.

A recent important milestone for the Port and Logistics Park project - and environmental programme - is the completion of our second habitat compensation site on the south bank of the River Thames, opposite the port development.

Work to create a new mudflat on the south bank of the River Thames is nearing completion

Construction of a new sea wall and breaching of the existing sea wall has provided new areas of intertidal mudflat. As with Stanford Wharf Nature Reserve, this will provide important habitat for wading birds, and also provide habitat for fish. We’re looking to the public to help us in naming this new mudflat. Visit our Facebook page to cast your vote!

We all have a role to play in safeguarding our environment and DP World London Gateway is committed to continuing to work with other stakeholders to protect and enhance the environment and communities around us, while offering a highly efficient, reliable and safe service.