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If you have a London Gateway Vehicle Booking System (VBS) user or a registered driver you can book a vehicle to drop off or collect a container.


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Announcement regarding: VBS enhancements and charging structure

Effective from September 1, 2017

In mid-2016, DP World London Gateway Port established a VBS Enhancement Programme, which involves members of the team - across many departments - reviewing and developing upgrades to the VBS system, investigating the benefits of those upgrades to customers and to port operation and carefully considering the functionality, timelines and resources involved with bringing those enhancements into production. The VBS Enhancement Programme is ongoing, with an objective of looking at and planning enhancements on a year-by-year basis.

VBS Enhancements

Some enhancements have already been introduced this yea and from Monday, July 31 further enhancements, as listed below, will go live and be available to port users. These enhancements will provide hauliers with additional visibility on containers and VBS booking information. In order for our IT Systems team to install the new functionality, please note that there will be a VBS downtime on Monday 31 July from 00.01 – 01.00.  During this time, it will not be possible to make new VBS bookings.

  1. Amendment of a VBS Booking – interim fix providing a view of available alternative time slots for a booking prior to cancelling and re-booking.  Long term amendment of an existing booking is currently on the enhancement list
  2. Line Operator details now visible on all container types
  3. Dangerous Goods Cargo - icon will be displayed against the container number and if clicked, detailed hazardous details will be shown ie IMO DG Class(s) and UN Number
  4. Export containers – FLE: Full or Empty will be displayed ie how the container has been pre-advised in CNS
  5. Import containers – FLE: N/A will be displayed
  6. Container Weights – manifested or pre-advised weight for all container types will be displayed, apart from import empties
  7. Container Weights – if manifested or pre-advised weight on selected containers exceeds 30,000 kg, then weight is displayed in red (an alert systems to hauliers)
  8. Driver ID/Replacement Cards – electronic invoicing being introduced

VBS Charging Structure

As an operator of two ports in the UK, DP World is looking at potential ways to offer a dual-port solution to customers, where synergies between London Gateway and Southampton are maximised.

The VBS Enhancement Programme and VBS Booking System incurs various ongoing expenses, from IT functionality designs, to running costs and additional labour resource and some of these costs are extensive, requiring a percentage to be recovered  - which can be put towards further investment. The objective presented at the last Haulage Community Forum was to provide a consistent, transparent and reliable system enabling the flow of cargo to move to and from the Port in an efficient manner which adds value to the UK Supply Chain. 

As such, DP World London Gateway Port will commence charging for VBS bookings during peak times. The pricing structure and peak times have been set to mirror those at DP World Southampton, in a bid to provide customers with consistency. A breakdown of the new enhancements, peak times and charges are provided below:

  1. VBS booking charge will be applicable during peak times:

Peak Times: Mon – Fri 04.00 – 07.00 and 12.00 – 18.00


  1. VBS booking charge will be £1.18 per VBS booking (truck visit) for 2017
  2. There will not be additional charges for weekend VBS bookings and bank holidays will be treated as a normal week day with peak times applicable to charges above
  3. London Gateway VBS Charging Structure will come into effect from 1 September 2017

The next DP World London Gateway Haulage Community Forum will take place on Tuesday 12th September. A separate email invitation will be sent to hauliers with further details on how to register. Due to expected high-demand, we are asking that only one representative per haulage company attends so that everyone can be accommodated.

We thank customers for their continued support.