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Full port specifications can be downloaded from here:

 Download DP World London Gateway Port Specifications (PDF)

Please see below for all relevent port marine information:

 Download DP World London Gateway Gangway safety netting notification (PDF)

 Download DP World London Gateway MCA PMSC compliance letter (PDF)

 Download DP World London Gateway oil spill contingency plan (PDF)

 Download DP World London Gateway Vessel Information Guide (PDF)


Click here for PLA tide tables page


Car Packing 
A car packing service is offered at DP World London Gateway. We can pack a wide range of vehicles into both dry van and reefer containers. To make a booking email: LGcargoservices@londongateway.com

Once your booking has been confirmed you will be asked to complete section one of a vehicle delivery and inspection form, confirming the delivery details required to allow the vehicle onto the terminal.

A DP World London Gateway staff member will complete section two of this form with the person delivering the vehicle so that both parties agree on the state of the car upon arrival. We will then provide photos, if required, once the vehicle(s) are packed and complete a DGN if required.

You will be asked to confirm if the booking is hazardous. If it is, there must be no more than ¼ tank of petrol in the vehicle.

If the booking is not hazardous the tank must be virtually empty; we will also disconnect the battery once the vehicle is in the container. 



Fumigation of containers can be arranged for both import and export containers. Please note that sometimes the authorities will request fumigation of a container, in the event that an inspection is not able to continue until fumigation has been carried out. 

Please note that sometimes the authorities will request fumigation of a container, in the event that an inspection is not able to continue until fumigation has been carried out. In these circumstances we will contact you to request approval for us to proceed.


Container weighing

Easy container weighing solution for UK exporters.

DP World has invested in state of the art container weighing solutions to provide shippers with a seamless service when exporting goods through its UK container terminals.

  • No disruption to your supply chain
  • No delays for hauliers at the terminal while obtaining the container weight
  • Same seamless solution applies for boxes arriving by rail
  • Highly accurate weight verification that is compliant with the regulations from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency in the UK.

At DP World London Gateway and DP World Southampton we will provide you with fully compliant and verified weighing solutions to meet the new International Maritime Organisation legislation which comes into effect on 1 July 2016.

Visit our dedicated container weighing website by clicking here.


Energy Transition Contribution

On 1 October 2021 we will introduce an Energy Transition Contribution and will be applying new charges.

Download and read our letter on Energy Transition Contribution which contains further information about the new charge and FAQ.


Port tariff, terms and conditions, and bye-lawsDownload the latest port tariff, our terms and conditions and the port byelaws:

Download Customer Advisory - Adjustments to Infrastructure Charge (PDF)

Download DP World London Gateway Port Public Tariff 2021 (PDF)

Download DP World London Gateway Port Byelaws (PDF)

Download General Port Terms & Conditions - December 2017 (PDF)

Download Terms & Conditions for container weighing at DP World London Gateway (PDF)

Download DP World tax strategy in relation to the UK sub-group (PDF)


CTC TAD Processing at London Gateway

London Gateway will continue to be designated as an Office of Destination, Departure for Transit under the Common Transit Convention (CTC) post January 1, 2021. Procedures have been agreed and flow diagrams prepared by Border Force which will be available to view on our website, these outline both the manual process and the Interim electronic process.
Where drivers are required to present Transit Accompanying Documents (TADs) or get TADs printed a facility has been created opposite to the existing Border Control Post within the port. The initial opening hours put in place by Border Force for this facility are shown below. Outside of these hours BF have given the following contact numbers for their Tilbury office and an out of hours drop off point will be provided at the aforementioned facility within the port.

Border Force CTC Office Opening Hours
Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
08:00 – 16:00 08:00 – 13:30 08:00 – 13:30

Items to Note:
• Forwarding agents needing to present CTC documentation, should attend the Border Force offices at Tilbury and not use the facility within the port
• Vessel agents with port passes may access the CTC facility within the port to drop off TADs carried in ships bag
• We encourage all customers to use the Interim electronic process where possible
• If the manual process is being used, TADs should travel via a ships bag.
• Should removal of TADs be required from a container additional charges will be incurred for the movement of the container to a safe area and for the removal of the TAD. TADs travelling in containers should be avoided wherever possible.

Download DP World London Gateway CTC Interim Electronic Process (PDF)

Download DP World London Gateway CTC Manual Process (PDF)

Download Border Force CTC TAD Office Map (PDF)








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